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Standards of Ethical Conduct (As recommended by the International Coaching Federation):

«I aspire to conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively upon the coaching profession; respectful of different approaches to coaching; and recognize that they are also bound by applicable laws and regulations».

Confidentiality/Privacy as a coach:

-  I will maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information.

-  I will have a clear agreement upon how coaching information will be exchanged among coach, client, and sponsor.

-  When acting as a trainer of student coaches, I will clarify confidentiality policies with the students.

-  I will have associated coaches and other persons whom I manage in service of my clients and their sponsors in a paid or volunteer capacity make clear agreements or contracts to adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics Part 2, Section 4: Confidentiality/Privacy standards and the entire ICF Code of Ethics to the extent applicable.

I will prefer not accept coaching people in situations like:

  • Too passive or powerless attitude – They try  either to give up their power over themselves, or they fail to summon the will to act on the decisions they may make.  To support them I usually have to piss them off first (to get them to rise from apathy to anger). When I succeed, they typically run away or turn against me because they don’t interpret anger as progress, even though it’s a huge step in the right direction because they’re finally moving away from denial . This only works well when there’s a high-trust relationship to begin with, and that often takes more time than most people are willing to invest, so there isn’t enough leverage.
  • Depression under conventional medication- Dealing with people who are depressed or suicidal is not productive and very time consuming because most of them aren’t at the stage of accepting full responsibility for their lives. I prefer to deal with generally positive and responsible people who are looking to not from «miserable» to «tolerable» but from «more or less okay» to» good» or from «good» to «great»… .
  • Not considering   personal growth as a possibility or option – A degree of self-awareness, a sense of curiosity about different options in life, and a commitment to itself are a must. Otherwise the person  isn’t ready for conscious growth yet and will wait for something outside themselves to happen.