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“Be assertive, be objective and an asset to the collective.” – J. Bryant.

My  father´s family moved in 1906 from their cottage  in Henley-On-Thames, England to Argentina and never went back.

Granddad was commissioned as a veterinarian  by the British Government to buy horses in La Pampa who mostly died in the battlefields of France due to differences of opinion in Europe after 1914, the same year my father was born in a colonial house north of  fascinating Buenos Aires. This probed to be a wise move since Argentina was a paradise at the time and because my dad turned  25 when differences raised again in Europe in the late 30´s.

Instead of picking a rifle and kill other humans as was fashionable at the time, my dad took his typewriter and wrote in The Buenos Aires Herald all sort of  things about this old European way of sorting things out.

When lots of old war air planes were converted into commercial ones after the  pause in the conflict in 1945 and looking for a bit of adventure, he flew as a steward all over the world, meeting my beautiful and avant-garde Spanish mum in Madrid.

They loved each other very much and got along so well that  I was born when the Beatles were at their best.

Because life has it´s up´s and down´s  my mum had a brain tumour removed when I was 8 that left her half-paralysed. My father took care of her and decided to retire a bit earlier to finally enjoy life after a long working life  but died of cancer just one year after retiring when I was 14 . This early contact with illness and death made an impact on me I was not aware of until decades later.

Madrid lived an explosion of  a young generation self-destruction, original music, art and freedom in the 80´s called «movida madrileña» . We read literature, day-dreamed about a better world, did mountaineering, worked part time and travelled and experienced a lot.

I was quite an early entrepreneur, starting my first business thanks to the king of Spain. I was  19 years old sitting on the hairdresser reading a gossip magazine when I saw a picture of the king wearing an strange white leather belt I knew was from Argentina. Didn´t think much and rushed to the bank, took my little savings and flew to the border with Bolivia, came back and with the picture of the king and the belts sold thousands and payed for my studies.

I thought at the time you needed to be born an artist to make a living on it so decided to study Business Administration and Management to make lots of money and therefore,  be happy.

In 1988  my life was saved in a car accident that left my best friend in a wheel chair for ever and killed another one.

I travelled to India for first time in 1990 where I had some experiences that didn´t make sense at the time since I knew nothing about Conciousness and very little and mostly wrong about myself. On the flight back from Delhi to London, the Air India Boeing 747 set an engine on fire on taxi at 100 miles and hour and managed to stop before take off,  panic passengers  exiting the plane through the emergency sliders…. having my life being related closely to air planes,  I new that was really the closes´t I had  been to the end of the known young boy¡.

I Worked for Price Waterhouse Management Consultancy Services  in London and  Madrid as a free-lance marketing researcher and junior strategist and joined Coopers & Lybrand Corporate Training and Development in Spain, working in assignments for banks, industries and hospitals between many others, thinking money was security, freedom, happiness¡¡.

After a weekend sailing with friends I arrived home and found my mum, who´s health had deteriorated and  was in a care home, had just died. I was in shock, 25 years old and  so confused, frustrated and involved that I couldn´t even acknowledge my pain, making good  money and still thinking one day,  under  the right circumstances,  I was  going to be happy.

Few months later, summer holidays came and I went, exhausted, to a short trip in the mountains in North Morocco. Invited by a very poor family for dinner I met the grandparents, parents and  kids gathered peacefully around a simple table, smiling and talking to each other in such a lovely and respectful way that suddenly I started crying in front of them all  like I had never done before, worrying them I hadn´t liked the food¡¡¡.

That night I couldn´t sleep, so in the middle of  it  left my room, walked under a big moon out the village into the mountains and walked and walked….by the time the sun started rising I was very high with an amazing view over an infinite valley, and suddenly I understood. I had read Herman Hesse, Carlos Castaneda, Lobsang Rampa or Rabindranath Tagore but didn´t know what a breakthrough was and much less an epiphany. I understood I wasn´t here to make  just money but to put my energy and life passion into something else, but what?..no clue…In that very moment I decided I was going to quit my job after another six months and find out, starting again a new life at 25!.


Since then I have done a few things:

– Lived in Morocco for a year.

-Managed the sponsorship department of Action Aid,  Spain.

-Supervised development projects in the jungle and the mountains of Ecuador.

-Administered Doctor´s  of the World Emergency Medical Mission in Goma, Congo refugees camp during   Rwanda genocide.

-Travelled overland to South East Asia over the silk route for a whole year.

-Studied Buddhist dharma and met H. H. the Dalai Lama in Namgyal Monastery, HP, India.

-Lived in China and studied Chi-Kung and Tai-Chi in Dali, Yunnan province.

-Participated in mountain expeditions in Pyrenees, Karakorum, Hailoglou, Andes.

-Sailed in the Atlantic ocean.

-Travelled around Western Europe on a bicycle, 3500 km and 4 months, sleeping in a tiny tent and even in a cemetery under a big storm.

-Discovered that 50 words can open you doors and 5000 are not enough in any language to set a discussion.

-Learned Eco-building and Organic farming.

-Became a father of two amazing girls.

-Built my own house and furniture with eco-criteria.

-Run my farm and milked  goats, made cheese.

-Built and run a sustainable Eco-tourism project in the South of  Spain.

-Studied Web 2.0, NLP, EFT,  Law of Atraction, 4th way, budhism, massage.

-Taken intensive training as official trekking guide and horse expeditions assistant.

-Received intense training with Life Coach Master Tony Wiseman in England, Wales and Turkey.

– Organized the lodging in private homes at night of more than a hundred people caught in the road without rescue options after a  heavy night snow storm.

-Overcame fear and released power in the most amazing situations and circumstances.

-Run  and participated in  trainings for companies and individuals in several countries.

-Run hundreds  of hours of  life coaching on-line and face-to-face.

-Play life percussion with a French Ancient Music Ensemble  in a multitudinary concert.

-A few other things…