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«Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.» – Albert Schweitzer.

You can be rich but sad, you can be famous and alone, you can be married to a wonderful person  but mean to it. Only when you find satisfaction with who you are,  how you behave and what you’re doing on a daily basis  you are really successful.

Fulfilling success  happens naturally if  you live  in an environment that pleases you,  feel at ease with the ones you deal with  and you do things with passion and purpose. Also when you feel loved, cared for, understood, and valued in what you do.

When you  are able to connect with nature and humans making a difference, if only in one person’s life,  when you are on purpose and find meaning on how you behave,  confronted with gratitude, not only from others toward you, but from your outer-self to your inner-self, that’s when you are a real winner.

Fulfilling success cannot be measured by  a person’s  material assets, activities or achievements.  Self-confident,  successful people feel good about themselves,   know what they want, and go for it.

What is you own definition of success?…..that is the only one really important and  it is only up to you to find it,  let me help you help yourself.