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Healing yourself is connected with healing others. » – Yoko Ono

Even the smallest experience in life leave a mark on us  at a subconscious level either positive or negative.

Our deep sense of survival makes us  learn from experience in different ways but never objectively. We  are all the time telling  ourselves a story  about what happened that can make us feel like victims or victors and frequently blames something or someone  else of what happened…

Certain situations make an impact that is so hard to accept that to keep on going we get it hidden deeply in our mind and apparently forgotten, causing what we all got : different sides of us and some  emotional wounds.

Through ours senses,   mind set, level of awareness  and own unconscious  filters we take a part of the experience and store it so we unconsciously know how to react to similar situations in the future, but avoiding facing it consciously and suffering emotional pain again.

We get  trapped in a comfort zone where we will avoid at all cost situations that may make us  face again that  painful  feeling  that is not real any more but stops us long after the event happened of doing our best in any field:  love,  career, money, travels…

We can blame others,  feel ashamed and do nothing but complain or we can assume responsibility of ourselves, learn from the experience telling ourselves now a different story, start anew and give it our best shot¡.

Learn more on how you can get yourself clear from that unwanted feelings,  ideas and reactions setting yourself free to experience life in a happier way.