Jimmy Bryant

Life Coaching & New Views on Business

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“I Know my success rests in having been able to create a life for myself where my talent, passion and abilities are aligned and I do what I love” – J. Bryant.

Jimmy Bryant is very happy  to dedicate his life to support both individuals and organizations to become aware of their  potential and opportunities, pursue  their dreams  and achieve their goals  in an ever changing,  endangered and  accelerated world.

He certainly does what he loves and loves what he does, always avid to learn from the latest improvements in the Mind-Body-Spirit evolution,  other`s experiences and his own.

Many years of  intense study, work and travelling the world  off the beaten track in search for the keys to  self-understanding, joy, fulfilment and success provides  him with a  practical knowledge  and insight into human potential.

Only the  most effective tools  can support you  to learn how to abandon, literally drop,  the conditioning factors that determine the results you  get in life in order to unleash the immense creativity, talent and power we all got hidden inside.

Sharing with others and giving back the immense blessings he has received  in life  gives him a clear life purpose full of significance and meaning.

Supporting individuals and organizations to acknowledge their full potential, be aware of their opportunities and focus their energy and passion on the pursuit of their dreams is a reward on itself and make s life worth living.

Vitae, non scholae discimus