Jimmy Bryant

Life Coaching & New Views on Business

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“He who knows better knows how little he knows.” – Thomas Jefferson.


The XXI Century has brought a new paradigm in terms of  information technologies, manufacturing, customer relations, environment concerns,  people´s welfare and international competition that challenge the corporate world and add pressure to businesses executives and workers.

I believe only an ethical and sustainable approach to business can guarantee the right of present and future  generations to enjoy the privilege of world´s natural resources. turning problems into opportunities and solutions.

Consultancy can provide new  perspectives and is results-oriented and project-based  providing objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, optimizing growth or improving the business performance of our clients:

First stage:

  • carrying out research and data collection;
  • conducting analysis;
  • interviewing client’s employees, management team and other
  • running focus groups and facilitating workshops.

Second Stage:

  • preparing business proposals/presentations.
  • identifying issues and forming hypotheses;
  • formulating and implementing recommendations/solutions;
  • ensuring the assistance needed to implement the recommendations/solutions;